5 Good Things


My blog has always been eclectic. I post various styles of writing depending on what is on my mind, depending on where I am in life. Lately, my posts have moved towards the informative, more detached and less personal.

And not surprisingly, this focus has a lot to do with where I am in life. I was considering why I haven’t had as much to say about myself, and why I have been led to focus on more practical information I hope might be helpful to you. The conclusion – for the past few weeks, things have been going pretty well.

Ok, things are not perfect by any means. I had a somewhat depressing doctor’s appointment, and my activity levels are so low that I sometimes just want to scream and may go completely stir crazy.

BUT, things are so much better than they have been for a while. My pain levels have been down as long as I am careful, and this has given me space to do things that I like and just enjoy life more. My spirits have been up, and it has felt less natural to write about the good than the bad. Writing allows me to purge the bad, but when things are going well, I don’t feel the same need to empty my thoughts.

But there are so many reasons to write about the good, allowing you to see a full picture of my life. Leaving out the good parts of my life just isn’t honest. And, for me, I need to allow myself to remember the pleasant memories, acknowledge the lesser pain days, and celebrate the accomplishments I work so hard for.

There is much good to recognize. I came out of my last flare so much faster than expected. I am hoping that means my body has been building up some hard won stamina after months of physical therapy and working hard to increase my activity levels. And over the past flare-free weeks, I have been taking time to do things that I enjoy.

5 Good Things 

  • For the first time in months I went out to eat. We went to breakfast at a little café close to our apartment. I love going out to eat. It is one of my favorite past-times that I have not been able to enjoy for a long time. But I saved up all of my energy, and shhh don’t tell anyone, but I ate bacon!!! Can you believe it? I felt like such a rebel. I haven’t eaten red meat for over a year, and it is a definite no on my anti-inflammatory diet. But it was so worth it. Just one time, I promise! Ok, I did it twice 😀 But, I promise I’m done!
  • The treat for this past week was a Starbucks café soy mocha with an extra shot of espresso. Yes, highly processed and highly sugared, but again, so worth it.
  • Last Sunday I was so proud of myself for putting together an Easter Meal. I made two of the sides earlier this week and today I roasted a chicken and baked some crescent rolls. Quite an accomplishment, and we even ate at the dinner table like real people instead of sprawled out in the living room.

(Ok, yes all of my good things so far are about food. You didn’t know I’m a little obsessed with food because my diet and inability to cook for more than 15 minutes really impairs my obsession. But, now you know!)

  • I’ve been getting back into my walking, which I let slide for a long time. At the beginning it always feels so frustrating using precious spoons on a walk when there are things to get done around the house. But in the long run it helps me make progress. And getting outside in the sunshine, even for a few minutes, is wonderful!
  • My number of productive hours each day has increased. So exciting! I only have a small increase in my active productive time when I can be up and walking and standing to get chores and cooking done. But, my lying down productive time has greatly increased. And being productive makes me happy  🙂

What are your good things? And do you ever find you have less to write when things are going well?


  1. I’m glad you are feeling better and able to do more things!

    I feel similarly about the writing. Sometimes it feels more like purging than anything else for me too! But I really appreciate all the helpful advice that I always find on this blog.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind feedback and encouragement. Yes, we are totally on the same page. I’m going to try to be better about writing about everything 🙂

  2. I love posts like this. It’s so important to focus on the positive in the mist of living with chronic “stuff.” I love your five things and as I read them I could hear your joy. That’s the part I liked the best about this post.

    I don’t necessarily have less to write about when I feel good. Sometimes it’s actually easier. My brain works better. But I do find writing when things aren’t so great to be a big help to me emotionally which in turn helps me physically.

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