Why Life in Slow Motion

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The first time I ever sat down to write about my experience with chronic pain felt like a whirlwind.

I didn’t really think. I just typed. And as I told my story to a blank computer screen, I began to feel just a bit lighter.

The first thing I ever wrote about chronic pain was a metaphor to describe the chronic pain experience. I believe this metaphor also applies to many individuals with chronic illness and physical disability.

Here is what I said.

I have a theory about chronic pain. Life with chronic pain is like living in a parallel universe that alternates between slow motion and rewind, while the rest of the world passes by at regular speed. 

Moving quickly does not happen in this world, and progress happens over months and years, with relapses occurring in the blink of an eye, rewinding you all the way back to the beginning. In this slow motion walk, those in chronic pain get left behind.

Because life does not follow the same speed, it does not have the same potential for dream upon dream or more than one task or pursuit at a time…

 And letting go of the old you, the one from the universe next door, where everyone walks forward at normal speed, may be the hardest part of the journey.

I still believe this metaphor to be true, at least for my personal experience with chronic pain.

Life with chronic pain is lived in the slow lane. Life with chronic pain does not follow the same paths or the same rhythms as life without chronic pain. This does not mean those of us with chronic pain, illness, or disability lead lesser lives; it simply means our lives are often slow-paced and different from the rest of the world.

Life lived in slow motion means we only have time and energy for what is most important. It means that we better sit down and really consider how we plan to live our lives, because while all people have the same 24 hours in each day, we do not all have the same capacity to use those hours. Life in slow motion means we face unique struggles and issues that we never had to face before. It means that new questions arise each day about how to live life as God intended.

And that is what Life in Slow Motion is about. Life in Slow Motion is about the places in life where chronic pain, illness, disability and faith collide. Life in Slow Motion seeks to understand how God calls his people to live when physical suffering comes and comes to stay.

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