All the Wishes, What-Ifs, and If-I-Only-Coulds…


I am realizing how often the words “I wish” form in my brain, take hold of my thoughts, and hijack my day.

I should count the number of sentences each day that start with “I wish.” I should count the times I begin a thought with, “if only” or “if I could just…”

Oh those wishes, what-ifs, and if-I-only-coulds. They invade my thoughts, steal my joy, and draw my focus to a life that is not yet to be. And may not be in the future.

All of the wishes, all of the what-if, and all of the if-I-only-coulds will never make the things that I want actually come to be.

I still hope. I still pray. I still plan and dream and imagine the possibility of a brighter future. But I am getting rid of the wishes that cloud my days. I am getting rid of the wishes that make me want things that I don’t have instead of enjoying what is there.

And so today, instead of wishing for a coffee date at Starbucks, I am going to make this delicious done-in-under-five-minutes homemade frappucino.

Today, instead of wishing for the pain to magically go away, I am going to read a book that distracts me and makes me happy.

Instead of thinking where my life and career might be if my life had gone another way, I am going to write this little blog post and see where this little online venture might lead me.


  1. I’m with you on this one. I often wish I could escape from my body just a day here and there, just to be in a “normal” body for a break. You’re right though, definitely steals my joy. It’s not my reality and is not helpful. Hope you enjoyed your frappucino! I miss coffee…that’s one of my “I wish” things!

  2. I love what Patricia said as well! 🙂 One Good what if for me is, what if I never took a chance to write a blog and meet other bloggers like yourself, who have become part of my inspiration? 🙂

  3. This is a struggle for me as well — choosing thankfulness for the given and not allowing the not-given to become my focus. Yes, you’ve given us some wisdom here!

  4. It is extremely liberating to let go of the past, who I once was, who I thought I would be in the future, and simply pray for God to do something magical with my tomorrow. I don’t achieve this every day, but on the days I do, I have that just-out-of-high-school feeling, like anything could happen.
    Awesome post! Thank you for always reaching into yourself and finding new ideas to share.

    1. Thanks Mary – that is such great advice, and means that much more coming from you, knowing all that you have been through. I love the picture you give of that “just-out-of-high-school feeling.” Such a great way to think of it – I would love to let go of the past to that extent. Definitely still working on it.

      1. Aww, I appreciate that.

        I was looking over your new page and it is excellent! Your welcome message is particularly comforting.
        With the new format, is there a way to reblog to wordpress or what is your suggestion for sharing your awesome posts?

        1. Hey, thanks for asking. I looked into the reblog question, and I can’t figure out how to add the button back on – perhaps it is not an option for my new website. You can always link to my site if you want 🙂 I don’t mind if people copy/paste the first few paragraphs and then link to the rest.

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