Berry Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

Today I want to share with you the smoothie recipe I have been making most mornings. It is quick, easy, delicious, and filled to the brim with anti-inflammatory ingredients. At first I was skeptical to start making smoothies every morning because I wasn’t sure I would keep up with it… Enter cheap smoothie blender. This individual blender that you can directly drink from has made it much more manageable to keep up with my smoothie drinking.


The ingredients:

1/2 banana

1 cup mixed frozen berries (find one with tart cherries, which are highly anti-inflammatory)

Large handful of spinach leaves (you won’t even notice they are there!)

1 T chia seeds (these last three ingredients are anti-inflammatory power houses!)

1 T cocoa powder (will make your smoothie chocolately goodness)

large pinch of tumeric (I promise you won’t taste this, and it’s super good for you!)


For easier access, I have a 1:1 mixture of chia seeds and cocoa powder I keep in a container, with about 1 T of tumeric mixed in. I scoop my powder mixture out of this container, and the smoothie making process happens in a breeze!


Add water, or another liquid, and blend it all up. The amount of water is based on preference, depending on if you want a thick smoothie, or thinner drink. Start with 1 cup, and add from there to your preference. I sometimes use coconut milk for an extra creamy drink.


And here I have my morning essentials: smoothie, and OF COURSE my french press coffee. Happy mornings!

On that happy note about coffee, I will leave you with this link to an absolutely must watch video from Hoops and Yoyo. 


  1. This looks tasty, will have to try it. I’m trying to incorporate more turmeric in my diet, so this is yet another way to try. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My thought is that between the amount of tumeric called for in the recipe, and the amount of pickles you eat on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be enough to have much of much of an anti-inflammatory effect. I am not completely sure, but that would be my guess.

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