Best Blogs for Christians with Chronic Illness and Pain

When I first started to experience chronic pain, I googled “chronic pain blogs,” looking for websites that might give me encouragement and answers.

My random searches came up with…just about nothing.

I found a few articles written by Christians who didn’t have chronic pain and illness. These articles were filled with truth, but I could tell the authors didn’t really understand the actual experience of chronic pain. I found a few blogs by Christians with chronic pain, but dare I say they were kind of cheesy? They were just a little too head-in-the-sand, life-is-wonderful, in-denial-of-reality type blogs. I didn’t relate.

So, I gave up my half-hearted search and didn’t think about it again for a long time. What I didn’t know is that there were some true gems out there, hidden away. When I began my own blog, I slowly began to find wonderful people I had so much to learn from.

I want to share a few blogs with you today. These are blogs that I regularly follow, that give me a lot to think about, and that write from a biblically sound perspective. Each of these wonderful people may not be easy to find with a generic Internet search, but are so worth following. I hope you will check them all out.

Michael and Sarah Chardavoyne at Inkblots of HopeAwhile back, one of the Chardavoynes commented on an article on my blog. I clicked through to their website and could immediately tell they are special people. 

You can read about Sarah’s health story here and here. What I love about Sarah’s writing is how she addresses both suffering and hope, grief and finding joy. She isn’t scared to speak the truth about her pain, but she holds on to the title of her blog, finding The Light of Messy Hope, even in her numerous trials. Some of my favorite posts are The Strange Dichotomy Between How I Look and What I Feel and Jesus: Success Redefined.

Tanya Marlow at Thorns and GoldWhen I first starting finding blogs I loved, I was drawn towards ones written by individuals with M.E., because the relapses they described were so similar to my own experience. One of the first posts I read by Tanya was M.E. – Relapses and Mountain Climbing. We do not have the same condition, but I felt like I could have written the same post and used the exact same analogy for my situation.

From there, I found that Tanya not only writes so accurately about illness and pain, but that she write so beautifully about suffering and faith. I love her posts on Living in the In-Between and Dancing with the Darkness.

Rachel Lundy at Cranberry TeatimeRachel’s blog, Cranberry Teatime, was the very first chronic illness blog I found that I resonated with. What I love about Rachel’s blog is how personable it is – you really do feel like you are sitting down with her for a cup of tea, hearing about her family and her day-to-day life. I love how she shares the simple details of life – what it is like to live for a day in her shoes, how she handles raising a family in the midst of her illness, and those times she goes out of the house on adventures, even with difficult symptoms.

Some of my favorite posts are  When Watching TV is a Good Use of Time and Kissing the Wave. She has also written two great little ebooks that are free and definitely worth a read.

Rebecca VanDemark at Caravan Sonnet. I don’t know how Rebecca VanDemark, the author of Caravan Sonnet, finds time to constantly write on her blog, self-publish book after book, maintain an etsy shop, and do so so much more on top of treating her Lyme Disease. She is constantly turning out great material on her own health journey, dealing with chronic lyme, her day-to-day life, and encouragement for those with chronic illness.

Some of my favorite posts are 26 Ways to Help a Friend With A Chronic Illness and 12 Things to Pray for Someone Struggling with a Chronic Health Condition.

Emily Lofgren: Emily writes about her experience with Lyme Disease – you can read about her story here. I stumbled across Emily’s blog quite recently, and have consistently followed it since then. She has written a free ebook about Finding Hope when you have a chronic illness, and she regularly blogs about her faith and her experience with chronic health struggles.

A few of my favorite posts are How to Set Goals When You Have a Chronic Illness and The Parts of My Chronic Illness You Don’t See.

Vaneetha Rendall at Dance in the RainYou can read Vaneetha’s story here. Each month, Vaneetha offers her readers another story of how God has been at work in her life in the midst of her past and present suffering. Often she writes about her debilitating pain. Often she writes in ways that encourage me and teach me.

Some of my favorite posts are How to Discourage a Suffering FriendThe Blessing of Failure, and When the Detour Becomes the New Road. Go read them! You won’t be disappointed. She also recently published a book, The Scars that Have Shaped Me, that I hope to read soon.

A Few More… Those six blogs are a few of my favorites, but they are certainly not the only ones out there.

You should also check out A Body of Hope. Although it is not currently updated on a regular basis, it is so worth going back through the archives.

Choose Joy was written by Sarah Frankl who passed away from her illness in 2011. I spent a great deal of time going through most of her past posts and also read her book, which is a compilation of much of her blog. There is so much wisdom to be found there!

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the more well-known ministries of Joni and Friends and Rest Ministries.

Finally, if you are looking for more interactive support, I suggest checking out Rest Ministries SunroomGrace for the Chronic Life, and God-Living Girls. All of these are Facebook groups run for Christians with pain and illness by Christians with pain and illness. All three of them have different strengths, and all are worth checking out.

What are your favorite blogs for Christians with pain and illness? Write them in the comments! Or, if you are just starting out your blog, feel free to mention it for other people to find.


    1. Thanks so much for all you do on your blog! And the others are definitely worth checking out if you have not before 🙂

  1. Thank you Esther, for compiling this list of some of your personal favourites! Looking forward to reading some of the posts that Impacted you the most. xo

  2. Thank you so much for the mentioning Inkblots of Hope, Esther. I already follow some of the blogs you mentioned, but I will be looking into the others that I’m not familiar with yet. I’ve been wanting to compile a list of a number of blogs with topics we cover on Inkblots… but the thought makes me tired lol. Many blessings for Life in Slow Motion in 2017! I look forward to seeing your posts this year and seeing what God does with your blog. -Sarah

  3. Thanks for the list! Like Sarah, I’ve been thinking of compiling a list like this for a while, but I never get around to it. I might just redirect people to your page as it includes most of the blogs and sites that I would have included anyway ?.

    My blog is still very new, and not really ready for publicising yet, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. I’ve got a bunch of devotional series in the pipeline plus one interview series, written for Christians living with invisible illnesses – physical and/or mental. (Click on “Devotional Series” up the top of my site to see them.)

    Isn’t it wonderful how we can connect with each other, as well as serve God through our writing, while confined to the couch or bed? Thankful for the internet!

  4. I’m seriously thinking of starting my own blog similar to what’s been shared. What a relief it is to know that I am not alone in my venture, not just on blogging, but by living a life of chronic illness and proclaiming the truths of our Lord.

    Thank you!! I look forward to maybe blogging alongside you soon!

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