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But God, wouldn’t I be more useful to you if I were healthy?

Chronic pain and illness come with many questions. Perhaps no questions cause more confusion than the ones that arise when you are pulled out of a thriving life of work that benefits the world, only to spend your hours, days, and weeks languishing in bed.

It just doesn’t make sense. Why, God? Why would you take away my thriving career when it took me years to get to this point? Why would you take away my ability to serve and help and contribute?

In this first book in the Chronic Pain and the Christian Life series, explore what it looks like to live a life of work, service, and rest, even when the pain doesn’t go away.


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Chronic pain, illness, and disability take so much away. Sometimes it seems as though they take everything we have ever loved and held dear.

Our physical abilities and our jobs. Our current passions and future dreams. Our finances and our friends. Our sense of community and our ability to engage the world in ways we could before.

Chronic pain takes away our sense of self and who we always thought ourselves to be. How in the world are we supposed to deal with this fact?

In this second book in the Chronic Pain and the Christian Life series, I hope to show you how to mourn your losses – everything that pain, illness, and disability has taken away. I hope to show you what to do when life is empty and filled with grief. I hope to point you to the God who gives us Himself when nothing else in life makes sense.