Changing the Questions I Ask Myself During A Pain Flare

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Pain flares tend to send me into fairly predictable downward spirals when it comes to my thinking. My mind begins to race, anxiety sets in, and my thoughts go in unhelpful directions, as I consider how the additional pain is going to affect my schedule over the next week.

Often, behind my anxiety and thoughts, I find a lot of questions. Questions such as…

“Will I make it through X responsibility tomorrow?”

“How bad is the pain going to be this weekend when I have to do Y?”

“How many days will the pain get progressively worse before it plateaus or feels better?”

“Is this flare going to be like the epic one I had last year?”

Typically, these questions head in two different directions.

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  1. Great post! This is very, very helpful and so familiar to any of us with chronic pain or recurring flairs? I will definitely remember to ask those more productive questions anchored in this moment. In fact, I need to do this today! I would also add to the list of nonproductive questions: why did I do X that caused this? As in your case, it is often in the course of normal activities.

    1. You are so right about “why did I do X that caused this?” Ugh, it is so hard to not berate myself for doing whatever activity it was that led to the flare. If I just hadn’t… I should have known… We need to be kinder to ourselves lol

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