Counting Down to the New Year: 12 Ways to Make the Best of the Rest of the Year – 2015


Counting Down to the New Year is a series of 12 posts in which I reflect on 2015 and prepare for 2016.

Plans and lists may be some of my favorite things. Maybe it is the sense of control and mastery they give me. Perhaps I love to look back at everything I have crossed out to see that I accomplished what I set out to do. Or maybe it is the way they focus me in on the things that I believe to be most important. Plans and lists both move me forward as well as help me to remain in the moment.

My mind has been a bit of a scattered blur recently. It has been hard to know what to focus on and what to leave to the side. I also have a huge change coming up, as I just accepted a new job that I will start towards the end of the month. I will be working more hours a week than before, and I am anticipating how life will change and how I will manage the increase in my schedule.

Excitement and nervousness.

It would be easy for me to get caught up in a whirlwind of preparing for a new job and a new schedule. I could easily spend the rest of the month feeling scattered, anxious, and rushed. Instead, I want to make the best of the rest of 2015.

  1. Sleep and Rest as Much as Possible: I always struggle with tiredness, and recently my sleep schedule has been a little off. I keep waking up before I want to but still going to bed at the same time. I plan to not add anything too active to my schedule for the month of December so I can get as much rest as possible. 
  1. Finish My Read the Bible in a Year: This year is the first time I have successfully completed a plan to read through the Bible in a year – or, I will finish if I keep it going this month. I’m not planning to do it again next year, but it was helpful to read books I don’t take the time to go through. To finish by the end of the year, I still have half of I Chronicles and all of II Chronicles, Lamentations, and Daniel.
  1. Read 2 Books for Fun: Over the past few months, I have been getting back into reading more. I love searching for the perfect book and not being able to put it down when I find it. I just finish The Goldfinch, and it was probably my favorite book I’ve read in a long time. I’m in the middle of One Thousand Gifts (liking it fairly well so far), and I have Between the World and Me, An Ember in the Ashes, Furiously Happy and The Magicians, on my library hold list.
  1. Read 2 Books for Work: I keep planning to set aside more time to read for work. Especially since I will be starting a new job soon, I really want to brush up on some counseling reading. I don’t have any specific books on my list, so coming up with a few will be my first task.
  1. Go Out to Eat for the Holidays: We will not be traveling over Christmas or New Years, so I want to plan a few fun things to do around home. One of these things will definitely be going out to eat, if I can find enough spoons for it. Every once and awhile we pick a fancy restaurant to try, and around Christmas time seems            like the perfect time to do that.
  1. Send out Two Book Proposals: I have definitely lost major steam with the book proposals. They are extremely time intensive to write up, and each place seems to want a different format with different content. I haven’t sent any out since the initial few, and sending two out in the month of December seems like a manageable goal.
  1. Book Editing: I still have editing and improvements that I can make on many of the chapters. I would like to set aside at least three days in the month of December to work on this.
  1. Cook a Fancy (EASY) Dinner: Dinner around these parts is typically something from the crockpot, an easy one dish meal, or something only semi-tasty. I hope to have time over the holidays to make something fancy and delicious just for fun.
  1. Prepare a Few Easy Freezer Meals: If I have time and the spoons, I would love to prepare a few freezer meals to have for when I start my job. I think this would be manageable if I have all the ingredients delivered from the local grocery store.
  1. Watch All Available Episodes of Season 5 The Walking Dead: Over Christmas, this will be happening, and I can’t wait!
  1. Make My Exercises a Priority: I have been trying to use a large percentage of my points towards my exercises, which is hard in the moment, but better in the long run. If I get to choose between other non-necessary activities and my exercises, I have been trying to choose my exercises. I hope to be really disciplined about this in the month of December.
  1. Keep Up With Blogging!: Blogging, blogging and more blogging!

It’s funny to see how some parts of my list this year turned out so similar to my list from last year. I guess I really am the same person.

How do you plan to make the best of the rest of the year?


    1. Thanks Patricia! I really hope that I can keep blogging as well. I think it will work out. I will probably be resting a ton to prepare for the days I go into work, so hopefully I will feel well enough to do some writing while I’m lying down.

  1. I love your blog and can hardly wait to read your book! Instead of trying to accommodate traditional publishers, have you considered the Amazon Kindle Direct Program? They would let you sell it on your blog as well as on Amazon. Signing up for Amazon Affiliates would give you some additional revenue. There are other ways to create an ebook to sell on your site. Traditional publishing is such a sloooow process, I’d hate to see you throw in the towel. While you wait for traditional publishers to respond to your proposals (several months to years), research ebook production. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Hi Marline, so nice to meet you and thanks for your lovely comment. I really appreciate your suggestion. This is something that I have considered, and if I cannot find a traditional publisher, I will go this route. You are definitely right that it takes forever for traditional publishers to respond! I need to really consider how long I am willing to wait. Thanks again so much for stopping by!

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