Counting Down to the New Year: 5 Blogs to Check Out

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This past week I was inspired by Jess at Finding Out Fibro to recommend a few blogs that are worth reading and following. Jess wrote a glowing review for A Body of Hope as her favorite blog of 2014, and her assessment was spot on. Actually I can’t recommend these two blogs enough; they are both amazing in their own unique ways. Check out A Body of Hope’s post In Her Skin and Finding out Fibro’s post on Random Acts of Kindness.

Thanks Jess, for your inspiration. And so, without further ado, here are five more blogs you may have missed that you should definitely check out.

Kim at Invited by Grace:  Kim has an amazing ability to take everyday moments and turn them into treasured life lessons. She writes about her children, her health, her faith, and small daily moments that reveal bigger meanings. I love her blog! Check out her post “Losing Normal.”

Michelle at Living Our Days – If you like to read and are looking for great book reviews of Christian books, this is the blog to follow. Because of Michelle, my book list has become much longer. Her writing is both intelligent and beautiful, and I walk away from each post with a gem or two of wisdom. Here is a great post to start with.

Sarcoidosis Soldier – The thing I love about Sarcoidosis Soldier is her honesty and candor. Chronic illness is hard and difficult, and she does an amazing job of balancing writing about the reality of chronic pain but also holding on to impressive levels of hope. Check out a day in her life.

Livingly Dying – Speaking of honesty and candor, I can’t say how much I appreciate Marcy at  Livingly Dying. Marcy’s blog is all about “staring at imminent mortality and yet residing in the world of the living.” Read her post “What I Learned About Living From Dying of Cancer.”

Sarsrose – She describes herself as, “a Christian, saved by grace alone, not by any effort or greatness of my own,” and these words are apparent in each short post she writes. I love her posts on The Loneliness of Chronic Illness and The Precious Gift of Having Suffered.

Who are your favorite blogs? Send a shout out in the comments if you wish!


  1. Wow! What a lovely surprise. I’m so touched that you would recommend my blog… Especially since you are one of my favorite bloggers and help me so much through your writing!

  2. This is so gracious of you. Thank you so much. I am continually impressed and touched by your posts… I know it has been quite a journey, but God is truly using you through this blog. I hope you always keep it going! You were one my first followers… and your blog was one of the first I followed! 🙂

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