Counting Down to the New Year: Top 10 Posts of 2015


It’s been a good year of blogging. Check out my top posts of 2015 for any you might have missed!

How to Know if Chronic Pain Has Made You Depressed: It is a question I will occasionally ask myself. Am I depressed? When it comes to chronic pain, it can be hard to tell. And the truth is that just because you “feel depressed” doesn’t mean you have depression. There could be other factors at work.

5 Spoonie-Run Shops for Great Christmas Shopping: Still need to do some Christmas shopping? Check out these amazing products, all made by individuals with chronic pain, chronic illness, or disability.

Explain Your Pain: The Communication Dilemma: Something about chronic pain is mind-numbingly difficult to describe. Something about describing our chronic pain experience leaves us feeling ashamed, alone, and misunderstood. If you struggle to explain your chronic pain to family, friends, and loved ones, you are not alone.

Effective Pain-Reducing Strategies for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: Over the past years dealing with SI joint problems, I have figured out the best pain management strategies that work for me. Check them out!

When People Get Tired Of Your Suffering and Pain: When you are chronically sick or pained, you reach a point when many people stop caring that you are always, constantly, without a break, unwell.As Job puts it, “Those who are at ease have contempt for misfortune as the fate of those whose feet are slipping.” Job 12:5

How to Find Online Support When You Have Chronic Pain: These are the tricks of the trade that I have learned over the past year and a half of getting to know the online chronic pain community. If you are searching for where to find the best support, this post is for you.

Quantified Pacing for Chronic Pain is Changing My Life: In March of 2015 I started a new pacing system that completely revolutionized how I go about life. By quantifying my activities and keeping track of them over time, I have gained a better understanding of how much my body can handle, drastically reduced the number of flares I experience, and gained confidence to do activities that made me nervous in the past. Try out my system, and you won’t be disappointed!

Grieving the Ongoing and All-Pervasive Losses of Chronic Pain: A life lived with chronic pain will inevitably be a life of loss. Chronic pain sets in and everything changes. Life as we once knew it is no more, a once robust and meaningful existence now lived out in a state of constant lack.

“It’s Hard to Explain How Much I Have Lost”: Few people are aware of how much is lost in the face of chronic pain and illness. The all-encompassing nature of chronic pain, the way it takes hold of every single part of life, makes it unique among many life struggles. Here is how I explained the loss of chronic pain to a friend.

How to Have Conversations About Chronic Pain: Learn some practical guidelines for how to have conversations about chronic pain. For the most part, these guidelines are simple and straightforward. They are things that we all know, but rarely actually follow when we are explaining our pain.

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