I Need a Plan

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It’s been three weeks since my most recent setback. Earlier this week I thought I was slowly coming around to “normal,” but these past three days have been brutal once again. Besides going to work, I am barely leaving the house. It’s hard to force myself to get off the couch and do the tasks that need to be done. I’m struggle with knowing when to rest and when to push through. I know my ligaments need time to heal and the inflammation is currently out of control, but I also know that the more time I spend on the couch, the more my muscles are losing their strength. It is hard not to feel defeated.

I really need a plan.

Back to the basics. I need to eat three meals a day even when I don’t want to. This needs to be a priority because I have been skipping meals because I don’t want to get off the couch and make something. I need to drink more water and cut back on the coffee. Take my vitamins. Remember the basics, and not worry about the extras.

Call my old physical therapist. She “got” my problem way better than my current PT. I am pretty sure my current PT doesn’t know how to align me and that is part of what keeps me from improving. Tomorrow I will schedule for her next available opening. 

Look for new practitioners. My PCP told me I will need to “shop around” and look for different physical therapists and other practitioners. She encouraged me to try new things until I find something that works. Makes sense. I’ve been in a rut and haven’t tried something new in a while, so it’s time to move forward on this. 

Exercise. Slow and steady wins the race. Even if I am holding exercises for 5s it is still a start and I can build from there. I have pushed myself to exercise the last three days no matter what, and I need to continue with this even if the pain increases.

Food delivery services. My local grocery store does pick up and delivery services for minimal fees. I haven’t used it yet because it feels like giving up. But tomorrow I’m going to put together a grocery list through these services. 

Health is #1 Priority for Next Two Weeks. Besides work and the bare necessities, the next two weeks need to be devoted to my health. I have to say “no” to anything that will keep me from getting out of this rut. I need to reschedule all unnecessary activities and use my energy to do my exercises and key movements that that will lead to healing instead of extra stress on my body.

Remember my mental health. I’m definitely struggling with feeling depressed and defeated. This list is a huge step for me in trying to move forward. It is hard for me to make decisions when I feel like this. It’s not hard to see from my last few posts that feeling hopeful has been a struggle lately. Somehow I need to grab hold of hope in some form.

What is your #1 go to plan or step you take when you are struggling to climb out of a setback or flare?


  1. Great plan! I struggle with exercising (or lack thereof) too. Through trial and error and interacting with others who have my condition, I have found that in my case exercise can sometimes worsen Endometriosis symptoms and even set off a flare. Still, I need to do it when I can, so my goal is to listen to my body. Exercise on the days that I can and recognize the days when I shouldn’t. My other goal is food oriented as well. I also have trouble forcing myself to eat 3 meals per day, as eating increases my pain level every time. I think that might be in part because I have strayed from my usual anti-inflammatory diet (for convenience and to save money) so I am trying to ease back into my healthy eating habits because I know that our bodies need nourishment to heal. The fact that we can realize where we are struggling and focus on improvement is progress in itself. 🙂

    1. Yes, your last sentence rings so true 🙂 Exercise is such a hard thing to figure out – I know it varies so much in terms of what conditions we are dealing with. For me, slowly increasing my exercise is so important. I think it is the only hope for getting to a long-term stable place with my pain. Many of my food goals have gone to the wayside in the midst of this flare. it is such a struggle to stick with an antiinflammatory diet when standing and cooking is so difficult. Slowly and surely I need to get back to my morning smoothie and all the other things that are good for my body. For now, I am just doing my best to eat!

  2. You are reminding me of Jill and Eustace in the Silver Chair — remembering the signs; saying them every morning so as not to forget them. I know the accepted “translation” of that metaphor in our world is scripture, but in your case, you’re remembering the basic practices of becoming strong again. Don’t forget the power of truth (Truth with a capital “T”) every day.

  3. I feel like I could have written this! So often you make me feel better. One of my biggest issues is eating. It always has been actually, I just don’t eat “3 squares”. Also, to push through or not to. That really is the question isn’t it? I wish I could figure that one out. Often, I push through for lack of “living”. I’m afraid if I wait for the “perfect day” to do something I will never be able to do it 🙁
    You and your blog are a blessing. You have motivated me to do the same. I started a blog! Thank you for all you are and do. You’re not alone, just look at the comments people have left you. We are all in this together.

      1. Thank you! I’m just starting but http://www.hopelifeandpain.com

        Also, I wanted to share this with you; I try to read a passage of “Jesus Today-Experience Hope Through His Presence” by Sarah Young everyday. I think you would like it. The author understands sick/pain and it’s written as though Jesus is talking to you.

  4. I’ve been ruminating on this post for a bit.
    Setbacks. Ugh. I tend to mostly (thankfully?) have emotional setbacks. My pain is pretty consistent so I can’t imagine how hard it is to have physical improvement, only to be smacked back down.
    For me venting my toxic angry thoughts is key.
    Turning to scripture and prayer soothes my brain.
    And pulling things back to basics; doing small bite sized tasks that make me feel less useless.
    I’m hoping and praying that this passes for you soon!

  5. I love that you make a list and talk about back to basics. This is something I do/need to do more. Sometimes my bad days include a muddle-headedness that keeps me from taking simple steps that would actually help me feel better. So I have a list inside my closet door of things to ask myself when I’m feeling “off” as if I am a caretaker taking care of me: “Do you need water? Do you need sleep? Do you need food? Do you need meds? What kind?” etc. If I can run through the list and find a solid action I can take to start to feel better, sometimes it snowballs and I can get back to work.

    1. Oops, didn’t see your comment 🙂 Yes exactly to the muddle-headedness to take simple steps! I am the same. And I have to remember that maybe one thing will not make me feel all that much better. But, if I do 5 small things on my list (eat something, drink water, take a small walk, etc…) it really adds up and can get me back on track.

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