Jury Duty and more thoughts on Disability

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God must have a sense of humor because the day after I wrote my last post questioning whether I am disabled or not, I received a jury duty summons in the mail. Ironic because I definitely feel too disabled to participate in jury duty for so many reasons.

While only a few days ago I was resisting being labeled “disabled,” I suddenly find myself desperately wanting my doctor to see me as disabled so she will sign a medical release form to save me from jury duty. Oh how quickly things change.

When I received the form in the mail, I immediately called my doctor, and providentially, she had an opening next Wednesday. It typically takes at least a month to schedule an appointment, so I am thankful for this opening. For some reason, I am feeling really nervous and unsure whether she will be willing to sign my form.

There are so many reasons jury duty will not work for me. Parking will be several blocks away, and just walking from my car to the building will take up all my walking for the day. I am currently unable to sit up all day long. Depending on the day, I start lying down anywhere between 12 noon and 6PM. After that time I will get up periodically to finish dinner and do various tasks, but it is important for me to be able to lie down off and on. Possibly I could handle one day of jury duty, but after that I would be completely done. Should I be selected for more days, I would be in big trouble. It would inevitably push me too far, completely over the edge, and I would fall into a huge crash. That type of setback would take me months to come back from.

That being said, a lot is resting on my doctor’s signature. She is my primary care physician, and I have only seen her one time, about a year ago when I switched from a doctor I was unhappy with. Since then, my only doctor’s appointments have been specialists and physical therapy. The one appointment I did have with her went really well, so I am feeling hopeful she will believe that I am unable to do this. But the fear is still there.

The form she will need to sign claims that the court is willing to make all sorts of accommodations for individuals with disabilities. For individuals who have trouble walking, they accommodate you by placing you in a room closer to the court proceedings. Unspecified accommodations are made for individuals who have trouble sitting and standing for long periods of time. I am at a loss for what sort of accommodations could possibly in place for this. Unless they have a bed for me to lie on and will allow me to interrupt court to lie on my ice, I am pretty sure no accommodation is going to cut it for me.

Hopefully my doctor will agree.


  1. I Oh I just found your site, I wish my partner could read it, but he won’t, I’m not even allowed to talk about it!
    Donkeys years ago now when I was I don’t know about 20 I guess, my doc, then, had no trouble signing my Jury Duty note, (feels like back at school with note for teacher! )
    I am alone, I’m on the look out for friends, sadly they will have to listen to me, there’s so much happened, But I don’t look hard, I can’t dump my load on someone it’s so unfair on them but I know until then I’m still going to be in the hole, I moved to NZ from UK 7 yrs ago and since the quakes have lost everything, it’s so stupid, I’m waiting for things to get back to norm, haha there is none.
    Now I must stress about my website too !! I’ll get there, I always do.

    I’ll be back reading you everyday now Thank you
    I’ve left my site name here but it is in terrible disarray, you have been warned!

    1. Oh no, that is no good that you can’t talk about it even to your partner! I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for you to be completely alone in this. We need people who will listen and mourn with us when things are hard. There should be mutual concern where we can dump our loads on each other and share the burdens all around. Thanks for stopping by, and I will look forward to hearing from you again. Feel free to email if you want to share what you are going through and talk further <3 lifeinslowmotionblog@gmail.com

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