Lost in the Crowd


**Update 4/24/2015: Group is currently full, but you can still contact me if you are interested, as we may be accepting new members in the future.

Do you ever get lost in the crowd? I’m one of those people who tends to disappear out of sight when I’m with large groups of people. There are always people who are louder than me, funnier than me, more interesting than me. In many ways, this has only been magnified since chronic pain came into the picture. I need lots of space to be able to express myself, time to get to know people, and trust developed over time to be able to share the hard parts of my life. I do better in small groups, one-on-one conversations, and intimate settings.

Sometimes I get lost in the crowd. Honestly, sometimes I am quiet enough that people forget I am there.

Does this ever happen to you? I see this happen a lot in chronic pain and illness support groups. In a large group, it is easy to get lost among all the people. A select few people tend to dominate the conversation, and it can feel uncomfortable jumping in and being a part of that core group.

And so somehow you get lost, and people forget you are there.

I’m thinking of people like me – perhaps you can call us introverts – who might need a different sort of support group setting. A small enough setting that each of us can have a voice and each of us can find the support that we need.

And so I have decided to create a support group for people like me.

Here are the details:

  • It will be a secret facebook group so no one will be able to see that you are a member or find the group unless invited.
  • The group will be limited to 10 people so that no one gets lost in the crowd and we can all grow to know each other well.
  • The group will be for anyone with chronic pain, chronic illness, or disability. 
  • Everyone who joins will be asked to commit to actively participating in the group.

There are hundreds of support groups out there. I think this one will be different because of the small number of people and commitment each member will make to actively participate. If this sounds like you, please contact me!

You can contact me by email (lifeinslowmotionblog@gmail.com), twitter, or the contact form below. Please let me know if you have any questions about the group or if you would like to be added to the group.

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