Releasing My First Book!! — But God, Wouldn’t I Be More Useful to You If I Were Healthy?

Copy of Copy of But God, Wouldn't I Be More Useful to You If I Were Healthy?

For anyone who has lost a career because of chronic pain.

For anyone who has ever felt devastated, confused, or less-than because your health prevents you from working a formal job.

For anyone who is stuck at home, imprisoned in bed, feeling unable to do much of anything for anybody.

For anyone who gets up every day to take care of your family through the aches and pains, and wonders if it is enough.

For anyone who has so much to offer, but isn’t sure how to offer it in the midst of chronic pain and illness.

For anyone who have ever said to God…This doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t I be more useful to you if I were healthy?

My first book releases today, and it was written for you.

Check it out on!

Will you consider spreading the news about my book to your friends and Facebook groups and social media followers and spoonie communities? I would be beyond honored if you would share what I have written around the web!

Update: The second book in the Chronic Pain and the Christian Life Series was released November 15, 2016. It is entitled When Chronic Pain and Illness Take Everything Away: How to Mourn Our Losses. Check it out here

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  1. Wow!! Congrats Esther!! Just bought it on! ^_^ I was afraid for a second it was only on but it took me to the Canadian website easily. 😀 I know how much this means to you and you’ve been talking about it for so long, you HAVE to celebrate this somehow tonight!!

    1. Yay! Thanks for buying a copy 🙂 You are so right about celebrating. You are the second person to mention that, and I definitely need to come up with something. Thanks so much for your support <3 It means the world to me that even though we do not believe all of the same things you would still support me in this.

  2. Congrats on finally releasing it!! You’ve worked really hard to get this far… Kudos to you!! 😀 It looks so good…gonna get it as soon as I get my Kindle.

    1. This weekend my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary, and I will be certain to celebrate the book at the same time 😀

  3. Congrats to you Esther! I hope your endeavor will be a HUGE success, help millions of people, and be all you’ve hoped and dreamed of! Thanks for partying at Chronic Friday Linkup! Pinned/Shared/Tweeted

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