Summer Plans at Life in Slow Motion


If you have been following my blog, you know that I like to have a plan. Summertime, especially, is for planning and for dreaming.

To some extent, I failed to complete my plan for May.

I did not write as consistently on Life in Slow Motion as I had wanted to. Some days it felt like inspiration had run dry in terms of what to write about. Other days I just didn’t feel like writing. I started my project that I told you about – Explain Your Pain – but something just wasn’t right. I had planned to finish it by the end of this month, but in all honesty, that did not happen. I am not giving up on this project, because I think it is greatly needed, but I need to step back and think through a new outline that I feel passionate about.

So most of May was a break from writing. They say you’re supposed to keep writing through the lack of inspiration and all of that. But honestly having a break felt like a great recharge.

So, Explain Your Pain will be set aside, unfinished for now. But that’s ok because starting on Monday I will be back at working on my book! So excited!

I plan to spend all of June, July, and August cleaning up my book. Rewriting, revising, editing, polishing, improving, etc… and so on. I am hoping that by this fall, I will have it at a point where I feel comfortable giving it to a few people to read through from beginning to end to give me feedback on content, structure, flow, and all that other good stuff that I probably don’t even know I need to be paying attention to.

I plan to schedule in reading this summer. I have a whole list of books I want to read, but somehow it never happens. I think that if I schedule which books I plan to read, that will help me get started. I like to read, but somehow TV is so often the easier choice.

I plan to use our pool all the time! I love that we have a pool at our apartment complex that is literally right outside our building. Even with my limited walking abilities it is close enough to walk. Hurray! It is also something that I can reasonably do on a regular basis because once I get there I can lie down and read a book. How wonderful to have an activity that involves socially acceptable lying down.

What else? I plan to keep writing on the blog. We will attempt some sort of vacation in July over our anniversary, specific plans yet to be determined. I plan to keep up my exercises and walks. I plan to keep religiously using my tracking schedule. I am sure I will drink lots of coffee. And, honestly, I’ve been so much more lenient on my diet, and it does not seem to be affecting my pain levels. And let’s face it, things like the occasional coke, bowl of ice cream, or bag of chips make me exceedingly happy, so perhaps some delicious food is also in my future.

I know summer already started, but it doesn’t feel like summer to me until the 1st of June. Summer is my favorite time of the year. It always seems like summer brings the possibility of dreaming and something good happening.

What are your summer plans?


  1. So happy to hear about your ambitious plans for summer. Hoping for lots of family time here — boy home from college, two teens taking a break from school (and me!), oldest son and living nearby. Garden is still only one third planted, but we’ve had a cold spring . . .
    Good to hear from you!

  2. You have wonderful summer plans. Mine are to play tennis as much as my body will allow, learn new summer recipes, write better blog posts, get my stupid sleep study and nerve conduction tests done and just try to live my life in peace and love with gratitude and grace.

    1. Your summer plans sound wonderful as well! I like the idea of new summer recipes. May need to put that on my list.

  3. I’m so excited you’re working on your book – and very jealous you have a pool so handy! I love the water and just moving around in the water is great, low-impact exercise.
    For my summer plans?… I decided I needed a new hobby to replace a few of the ones I’m no longer able to do because of my health. I planted a small garden in the backyard. Just nurturing something gives me a greater sense of LIVING.

    1. Kim, yes having a pool so close by is a dream come true for a spoonie. Seriously.

      I love the idea of having a garden. The last few times I have tried, it has failed miserably because I will forget or not be able to water, etc… when I’m flaring. Maybe I need to try again and start smaller. I also do NOT have a green thumb lol so that’s a big part of the problem 🙂

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