Two Anniversaries and Planning a Staycation


So, here’s an interesting coincidence. July 17 must be the day of new beginnings because it is both my wedding anniversary as well as anniversary of this blog. Not sure how that happened….

Anyway, in light of our anniversary, we are planning a staycation. We both have over a whole week off, and instead of risking a trip away, we are going to hide away from responsibility and vacation from home.

Last year, we tried to get away for our 5th anniversary, and it was… well, it was kind of a disaster and felt like a huge waste of money. In classic spoonie fashion, I had a horrible flare and miserably spent the evening without my ice packs wishing I was home.

The year before that, we went to Washington DC for the weekend. Another disaster. I was much healthier at that point, and was not at the time aware of how severe my walking restrictions were. We spent almost a whole day walking around DC, and this was one of several events that contributed to huge declines leading to where I am today. Ugh.

So, as you can see, there are good reasons to try for a staycation this year. I am hoping that if we aim low, then expectations will be exceeded instead of being disappointed.

The simple plans are several good restaurants, many good movies, and probably a few days at the pool. I will probably spent a day or so of spoons cooking a favorite recipe, and eat delicious things that I normally stay away from. I’m thinking August will be all about getting on track foodwise. But till then…. I have plans for BLTs, lots of seafood, strawberries dipped in chocolate, coke, rippled potato chips and Helluva sour cream and onion dip…..the list continues.

And I’m so excited at the strange coincidence of the 17th also being the anniversary of my blog! As we are celebrating our anniversary, I will also secretly be celebrating all the wonderful things that have come out of this little blog and all the people I have met through it!

Oh and please, please help me out…. What are your best staycation ideas? I would seriously love love love your ideas!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 6 years! Marriage isn’t easy with chronic illness/pain. I pray that you and your husband will have many more years together. Keep loving Jesus and each other!

    I hope that you have a wonderful staycation. That sounds like a great way to celebrate. Here are my best staycation ideas:

    – Order Chinese delivery or have your husband pick up food (that you can eat) from a restaurant and bring it home.
    – Enjoy lazy mornings in bed together.
    – Eat breakfast in bed.
    – Rent/buy new movies.
    – Have a movie marathon.
    – Have banana splits for supper.
    – Play board games and card games.
    – Have dinner by candlelight.
    – Eat strawberries and drink champagne/sparkling grape juice.
    – Buy crisp, white hotel sheets so that you feel like you are sleeping in a hotel.

    1. Yay, thanks for all of the ideas!!! This is great, I am definitely adding Chinese delivery to the list.

  2. Happy Anniversaries! I think the staycation idea is great.
    Yes, treat the house as a hotel and avoid build up of cleaning for week after.
    Take luxurious naps and I’d invest in lovely new sheets and pillows.

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